Top 10 Best Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

The best Bluetooth over-ear headphones will be bringing us a very particular set of skills when it comes to audio listening in general. For one, wireless Bluetooth capability is the must-have and norm if you don’t want to mess with wires when it comes to headphones, and the ‘over-ear’ build will also imply specific ear cups and the way they fit on our head as a whole. The advantages to this build include aiding in noise isolation, privacy when listening, and of course, better sound quality. We found some of our favorite over-ear headphones with Bluetooth technology today to give you some options while you’re on your search for the perfect pair.

Finding the best over-ear Bluetooth headphones

As we always talk budget for the first factor in finding the “best” of anything really, we’ll be up front here and warn you that many of these models we’ve chosen are pretty high-end, reaching the $100-$300 range and higher. No, we’re not recommending these just because they’re expensive — wireless headphones (specifically with Bluetooth technology), in particular the popular over-ear design, in our opinion aren’t worth going in the lower sub-$100 range. With wireless headphones in general, we think the cheaper headphones cause too many problems and don’t act as viable investments — whether its the actual playing time, Bluetooth distance, audio quality, or really just the overall build of them, in our experience it’s important to steer clear of the budget-friendly models this time around. We do choose as many models as we can from the middle to higher range here for options.

Next up, we’ll summarize two of the most popular designs when it comes to Bluetooth headphones — over-ear or on-ear headphones? In our case today, over-ear are going to do just what the name implies — fully engulf our ears with the ear pads to create noise isolation and a more private, in-tuned music listening experience. On the other hand, on-ear Bluetooth headphones are nearly the same however actually rest on your ears with smaller ear cups as opposed to a larger fit. The advantages to this build help with a tighter fit than some prefer instead, you can read our on-ear Bluetooth headphones guide if you’d like to check those out as well.

If you’re still debating on which model to grab after our guide, or would like some further guidance while sifting through the 10 models, keep in mind what ‘extra features’ you want with your pair of headphones, and ask yourself whether or not they’re worth the extra money that’s added on the more fancier you get. The most notable tech to mention is active noise-cancellation (ANC) — and no, not “noise isolation”, but technology that literally implies tiny headphones located into the ear cups to capture the ambient and loud noise around you to ‘cancel’ them out before they reach your ears. This technology is amazing, but of course comes with a cost. Do you have the cash for this?

There are also smaller ‘features’ that you may notice that you should ask yourself the same question. These include longer-than-normal playing times, differently built and fancier-tech inside of the actual headphones drivers themselves, types of material in the ear cup (leather, velvet), and more. What’s important to you?

The top 10 best Bluetooth over-ear headphones

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless

Our pick as the best over-ear Bluetooth headphones

Let’s take a look at our first pick as one of the best Bluetooth over-ear headphones in the market right now. The Momentum from Sennheiser is quickly becoming a fan favorite since it targets a very specific crowd — higher-end audiophiles who don’t want ‘studio headphones’ but still need a valid pair of headphones that aren’t cheap knockoffs or embellish too much of one frequency. At first glance, these have a more retro look to it with a genuine leather headband and ear cups. They are easy to transport as the stainless-steel sliders are collapsible, making the whole pair much smaller. For ‘extra features’ here, Sennheiser has added a ‘hybrid active NoiseGard’ technology which reduces the amount of outside noise that can be heard while wearing the Momentum — this is essentially noise-cancellation but Senny has created their own term for it (it’s adjustable in 3 modes — one for eliminated low-frequency such as on trains, buses or planes, another for medium frequency elimination such as air conditioning systems or office buildings in general, and a third for a very wide frequency range to cover all aspects at once).

There is another technology incorporated into these headphones worth noting called ‘aptX codec’, which gives you a high-quality listening experience by aiding in the actual digital processing of sound for finer detail. There is a 22-hour battery life, which is a pretty long time for a set of headphones. There is also a flight adapter which makes it easy to listen to music on a plane when Bluetooth must be turned off making this a very versatile set of headphones. Lastly, the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 also have a built-in ‘VoiceMax microphone’ which allows you to have conversations via a connected smartphone with clarity. This pair of Bluetooth over-ear headphones does more than just play audio, and if you’re buying these, just make sure the features stand out as needed for your personal use.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

The best over-ear Bluetooth headphones if you need noise-cancellation

Up next, these headphones have a more contemporary design, are very aesthetically pleasing and are some of the most popular active noise-cancellation headphones in the world. The most different aspect of the Bose QuietComft 35 II aside from the slick ANC is the fact that there is a built-in Google Assistant, making this one of the best Bluetooth over-ear headphones in the market if you’re a voice control individual. This feature allows you to receive texts, play music, and ask questions, all via your headphones. Pressing a button on the ear cups activates a microphone in which you can speak to your Google Assistant.

There is also their Acoustic Noise Cancellation we mentioned built into the headphones which measures outside noise and cancels it by putting out the opposite signal the tiny microphones receive. You can even control your level of noise cancellation via three different settings like the Momentum. For the QC35II, there is a 20-hour listening period, shorter than the Momentums but expected because of the additional feature of the Google Assistant. This being said, when your battery runs out, a quick 15-minute charge will allow you to have another 2.5 hours of listening. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II are the most famous noise-cancellation over-ear Bluetooth headphones in the world right now, albeit for a cost.

V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless

A very high-end pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones

These lightweight headphones have a very sleek, new-age outwards appearance. They are hailed for their comfort and the use of more expensive material than their competitors when it comes to build, so if the overall security and feel of headphones are important this will be a great model for you. These are what we consider ‘high-end’ not just because of the price, but due to some of the fancy features we have at hand. There is a certified ‘Hi-Res Audio’ technology that has the capabilities to relay “super-human frequencies” higher than 404 kHz. The headphones provide for audio that sound like you are live at a concert, however the bass is not as powerful as their previous model since there were some complaints about this.

These Bluetooth over-ear headphones have up to 14 hours of battery power capability, making this so far the least powerful of the headphones on our list in terms of play time but the technology in here is what limits this — you pick your poison. Another unique aspect of these headphones is the customization and accessories that are available for these headphones. A lot of people have reviewed that although required to be bought separately, the customizations were of high-quality and made headphones unique to their own taste. A portable bag is included with the pair of headphones (a dustproof, waterproof, hard-shell case) that makes bringing these V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless with you easy as there is no fear of damage.

Klipsch Reference Over-Ear

We love Klipsch audio gear

Let’s take a look at a pair of headphones that are very high-tech and use various ‘extra features’ that customize the listening experience to your body. The Klipsch Reference are very highly rated, and the entire brand here is typically the creators of ‘luxurious’ audio products. This particular pair uses a patented Klipsch driver technology called Klipsch Balanced Dynamic (KBD) that ‘brings the music closer to you’. It does so by equalizing the weight of the driver’s diaphragm, giving off a specialized feel in regards to fit but also sound quality (lower distortion and improve resolution due to a different means to moving the driver as opposed to normal headphones). It also reduces the driver’s ‘intermodulation distortion‘ by taking away lead wires from the diaphragm.

This high-quality listening experience could only be felt with the Klipsch headphones, making this pair one of the best Bluetooth over-ear headphones available now if you’re into some technical aspects that go into headphones. The over-ear ear cups are made of a soft and deep memory foam, ensuring that pressure is applied around the ear evenly, making the chance of ear fatigue much less likely. Lastly, if the battery life of your Klipsch Reference Over-Ear run out, the cord included with the headphones allows you to continue listening to your music without a Bluetooth connection, just to be safe.


JBL's budget-friendly pair of over-ear headphones with Bluetooth

This pair of headphones has a minimalist and sleek look, coming with more build versatility in foldability and swiveling ear cups, which makes this pair one of the best Bluetooth over-ear headphones in the market if you’ll be traveling or DJ’ing. This being said, the JBL also delivers a powerful sound via 50mm drivers. There is a 20-hour battery life, which is a good amount of time for a pair of Bluetooth headphones and a big must if you’re concerned with play time and won’t be near a charging outlet for a few days. At the same time, charging your headphones for only 2 hours will give you another 20 hours, which is quite convenient in our opinion. There is also notably a one-button universal remote which includes a microphone.

This allows you to seamlessly switch from listening to music to taking hands-free phone calls. The sound quality of this pair of headphones is quite clear and makes listening to music very enjoyable, considering there aren’t many fancy tech features that go into this one (which also helps keep the price low). The drivers produce a balanced and low-distorted sound at high volumes, which makes this the JBL E55BT a great purchase for their price in the over-ear Bluetooth headphones game, especially if you wanted something a bit more easy on the wallet as compared to the others we’ve previously listed.

Sony WH1000XM2

Sony's great pair of Bluetooth over-ear headphones

This is another pair of Bluetooth over-ear headphones with a sleek and minimal appearance yet a lot of fancy tech built-in to make them leaders in regards to ‘high-end’ picks. The Sony headphones have an industry leading noise cancelling technology built into them, which allow you to cancel outside noises and focus on listening to your music. Also, there is also a ‘Quick Attention Mode’ which allows you to quickly lower the volume of your headphones so you can have conversations with people around you or perhaps check out your surroundings if need be (especially on a plane if they start speaking over the loudspeaker — no need to take them off and ruin your feng shui — all you need to do is use your hand to cover the ear cup on the right side of your headphones).

There is also a touch control that allows you to skip, change volume, or pick up phone calls with the simple touch of an ear cup. On top of this all, we have a whopping 30-hour battery life making the Sony WH1000XM2 the longest lasting set of headphones on our list of the best Bluetooth over-ear headphones.

Sennheiser PXC 550

Another one of Sennheiser's best over-ear Bluetooth headphones

The Sennheiser PXC 550 is an overall high-quality pair of over-ear wireless headphones. Like their Momentum, there is built-in NoiseGard Hybrid adaptive noise cancelling system that allows you to create your own quiet space, even in the most hectic and loud environments. It is an interesting tech as we’ve seen since it adapts to the external volumes and changes to cancel them out. The louder the sound outside, the stronger it is cancelled. This pair also has a 30-hour continuous listening time, which is just as long as the Sony’s previously listed. Picking up phone calls via your Sennheiser PXC 550 is also easy — all you have to do is touch the trackpads on your ear cups to answer a call to speak (yes, built-in mic here as well).

The quality of the phone call comes through clear, making this a versatile pair of headphones that can be used in any situation. These are definitely another one of the best Bluetooth over-ear headphones available on the market today — think of them as a competitor to the Momentums, and we’d grab whichever pair is cheaper at the moment.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7 Wireless

A nicely reviewed pair here to keep in mind

Let’s take a look at a more retro looking pair of Bluetooth over-ear headphones. They are lightweight, making them easily portable and have a built-in Bang & Olufsen ‘Signature Sound‘, making these headphones very high-quality. The system delivers an optimally balanced and clear listening experience. The system also produces notable detailed bass tones, improving the listener’s audio experience if you’re into low-end thump. For a fancy overall build, the headphones are crafted from an innovative aluminum touch system. Tapping or touching this aluminum allows you to answer calls and change songs and volume with the simple touch of an ear cup, even if you are wearing gloves.

No need to mess with a control system here, so if you’re like us and need hands-free operation while still getting rid of the wires, this is a big pick. With the B&O Play H7, there is a 20-hour battery life which is decent for a pair of headphones with such a quality system. There’s just no noise-cancellation or other fancy features here, but if you were concerned with a nice build, great sound quality and some hands-free control while saving some money, these are great.

Denon AHGC20

For those DJ's out there, these are a nice pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones

The next pair of headphones on our list is the Denon AHGC20. This pair of headphones creates the ideal listening experience for users by creating silence via their Active Noise Cancelling technology. This system can be used when listening to music, by itself, or even when making phone calls, giving you clear audio to make sure you never miss a word of your conversation. There are dual microphones on each side of the headphones, one on the inside and the other on the outside. The microphones help to provide for even clearer audio when making and receiving phone calls.

There is also a ‘Denon Travel app‘ for smartphones that is compatible with the AHG-GC20 and makes controlling music from your phone seamless. The headphones fold up nicely and fit perfectly inside the travel bag which is included with the purchase of a pair of headphones. There are also 40mm professionally tuned drivers which add to the high-quality sound system produced by the Denon AHGC20.

Bose SoundLink Over-Ear II

A pair to cap off our guide to the best Bluetooth over-ear headphones

The last pair of headphones on our list are the Bose SoundLink Over-Ear II, Bose’ other heavy-hitter in the market right now. There are two Bluetooth devices that allow you to have an immersive sound experience. The right ear cup of the headphones has a touch control button allowing you to control your device without ever having to touch it and there is advanced microphone technology implemented to optimize communication when making phone calls. Listening and speaking both go through crystal clear, and you’re even able to answer phone calls without having to touch your device. There is also an App for smartphones called the Bose Connect app with makes switching between devices seamless and also gives you updates on products and allows you to personalize your experience.

The high-quality materials that the Bose SoundLink Over-Ear II are made out of make listening to music comfortable, allowing you to listen to music all day long. The comfortable build paired with the Bose quality sound system make this pair the last pick of the best Bluetooth over-ear headphones available right now, capping off our list with a bang. We hope at least one of these pairs stand out to you.

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