The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Under $100

Bluetooth headphones under $100 will give us some simple yet essential features to listen to our music wirelessly and effectively. Although we usually recommend spending as much of our budgets as possible when it comes to Bluetooth headphones in particular, this price-range can still provide some decent quality while saving some damage on our wallets. Through both research and experience, we were able to pin-point about 10 models in this guide today to give you some options; however, that “Bluetooth headphones” term is way too broad for us to pick just one for you. Let’s first discuss what to look out for in the best Bluetooth headphones under $100 world before we provide you some of our favorite models.

Finding the best Bluetooth headphones under $100

Since money is already determined (although we recommend going up to $100 as close as you can for decent quality, or perhaps jump up to Bluetooth headphones under $200), the biggest determining factor we have here today is the “type of headphones” you’re looking for. If you’re unfamiliar with the main types of Bluetooth headphones, here’s a short summary of the popular designs and their most common uses:

  • Over-ear: As one of the most popular types of headphone builds out there, these are typically what image many associate with the word ‘headphones’. As the traditional headband and ear cups cover our heads well, the ‘over-ear’ term implies the cups fully engulfing our ears for very little sound leakage. This also aids in sound isolation for disallowing outside noise to get into our audio playing world.
  • On-ear: Very similar to over-ear headphones, on-ears have slightly smaller ear cups that rest on our ears. The advantages? Personal preference really; however, it does allow for some sound to leak out more frequently than over-ears, but not much. These also do well for sound isolation, although some prefer this design ultimately for the fit and comfort. Our on-ear vs. over-ear guide may help spell out more differences before you continue on.
  • In-ear: As the name implies, these are at times confused with ‘earbuds’, but go further into our ear canals for a more intimate, isolated listening experience. They’re also highly preferred by those who exercise (including us) since they won’t fall out easily.
  • Earbuds: Getting confused yet? We still are, so it’s OK. Earbuds are slightly larger than in-ear headphones and do not protrude as far into our canals as in-ears. They’re safer since they aren’t as likely to damage our ears, but can fall short in design since they can on the other hand fall out more easily. Another useful guide we have is in-ear vs. earbuds if you need some more help.

A few other factors we want you to keep in mind when searching for some Bluetooth headphones under $100 include some important headphone specifications, but for BT headphones, especially the following:

  • Wireless range – It’ll just depend on if this is important for you. Do you plan on traveling far from your music playing device, or will it generally remain in your pocket? The average is about 30 feet regardless of headphone design, so in most cases you’ll be fine regardless.
  • Battery life – The average life of Bluetooth headphones in general is hard to state, since in-ears will be a lot different from over or on-ear, and vice versa, since size always limits how large a battery can be. Will you be away from a computer or electrical outlet to be able to charge them up if they die? In that case, prioritize this factor. Can you suffice with just 6-8 hours and perhaps charge them over night after you use them for the day? It will depend on your intended use.
  • Audio codec and overall processing technology – It won’t get too fancy in this price-range, but there are a few pairs of Bluetooth headphones under $100 out there that have some built-in audio codecs to process sound better than others. Look out for aptX codecs or other ‘technology’ these brands state actually processes the audio, since Bluetooth devices that transmit audio signals entail compression, and call for a whole other type of means to translate sound waves into your ears.
  • Other standouts – There are some other features that aren’t completely necessary but may stand out to you depending on who you are. Some of the common standout features to look out for we’ve come across include the following: collapsible build, adjustable headbands, color options, an included 3.5 mm cord (in case batteries run out), built-in microphones for phone calls, control centers (to control music as well as phone calls), noise-cancellation technology (more expensive, and this price range isn’t always high-end active noise-cancellation), and of course, color options to match your personality. Each pick below will come with its own set of selling points, so do your best to envision what’s important for when they arrive at your doorstep and you start getting them up and running.

The best Bluetooth headphones under $100

Marshall Major II

Marshall Major II

What better way to start out our list of the best Bluetooth headphones under $100 than with a product from one of the giants in the audio technology sphere, Marshall, and their Major II Bluetooth headphones. The Major II’s are both affordable and stylish, and, behind that effortlessly iconic Marshall logo, they pack quite the punch. With most wireless headphones, the listener finds themselves constantly dealing with the stress of a drained or quickly draining battery, a story most know all too well. The Marshall Major II’s solve this problem, sporting a 680Ah battery that taps out after 37 long hours at peak volume.

That’s nearly three times longer than competing Bluetooth headphones on the market. Not only that, but the Major II’s seem to have tackled the irritating issue of un-synced video audio and picture through their aptX Bluetooth Technology, which also allows you 30+ hours of music. Fully collapsible and coming in three colorways, the Marshall Major II is in line with most of their competition, offering full phone functionality (allowing most functions to be performed wirelessly), a standard 3.5mm jack, and an included detachable 3.5 mm cord and USB charging cable. Though a slightly dampened sound when using Bluetooth has been reported, the Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones still earn a place on our list of the best headphones with Bluetooth under 100 dollars if you’re into on-ear designs.

Jabra Move

Jabra Move

Next up on our list of the best headphones with Bluetooth under $100 is a pair that emphasizes ease and comfort for the more active of lifestyles; the Jabra Move headphones. Lightweight and with an adjustable, stainless steel headband coated with dirt resistant fabric, these headphones were made for those who exemplify the “Move” namesake and live life on the go. At the higher end of our best under $100 Bluetooth headphones list, the Jabra Move’s are frequently noted for their durable yet comfortable, Scandinavian-influenced design and their ease of functionality, allowing listeners to control both calls and music from the headphone.

Though the 8 hours of talk/music time (12 hours standby time) falls short in comparison to the Major II headphones mentioned above, however the Jabra Move’s offer more than enough time for a music-backed workout or run (the core of their marketability), not to mention their continued retention of wired capabilities. The Jabra Move easily earns a spot in here towards the top.

Sony SBH70BK

A different spin to the best Bluetooth headphones under 100 dollars

On our list of the best headphones with Bluetooth under $100, a few headphones stand out for their creative design choices. The SBH70BK from Sony is one of these headphones. As one of the in-ear, behind-the-neck headphones on our list, the SBH70BK sets itself apart with innovative design techniques rooted in ergonomics. While the focus remains being lightweight, comfortable, and discreet, reviewers still praise the Sony SBH70BK’s big, Stereo-quality sound.

Plus, with Sony’s standard water-resistance, HD voice activated controls and commands, and a focus on noise cancellation, this sound can be enjoyed in any weather or environment, allowing calls or music without the disturbance of traffic noise or wind or the threat of rainfall ruining newly bought headphones. Though the music/talk time of 6-8 hours falls below some of the other headphones on our list, the comfortable ergonomic design and numerous features easily make the Sony SBH70BK one of the best Bluetooth headphones under $100 in the market today.

Philips SHB9850NC/27

The best Bluetooth headphones for $100 or less if you need noise cancellation

There are few things more irritating than attempting to listen to music or phone a friend against a never-ending cacophony of car horns and screeching brakes. Thankfully, the engineers and designers at the ultra-iconic Philips company kept this in mind when designing their well-reviewed Bluetooth headphone, creating a pair with up to 99% noise cancellation through their custom ‘ActiveShield Pro’ feature, landing them on our list of the best headphones with Bluetooth under $100 especially if you’re into ANC. Reviewers praise the sharp, precise sound of the SHB9850NC/27, an ode to the 40 millimeter neodymium speakers contained within.

With their smart touch control and one-touch NFC Bluetooth pairing (along with the wireless “Talk Mode” and useful multi-pairing ability), the Philips SHB9850NC/27 is also the ideal travel companion, allowing for incredible simplicity and ease of use. Additionally, with a rechargeable battery offering up to 16 hours of nonstop wireless music which isn’t too bad considering noise-cancellation tech always drains battery life, the Philips SHB9850NC/27 is on the higher end of our list for over-ear Bluetooth headphones with noise-cancellation tech built-in.

JayBird BBX1MB

A great pair of headphones with Bluetooth if you need in-ear

Next on our list of the best under $100 Bluetooth headphones is an in-ear pair that exemplifies compact, high-performance listening devices; the JayBird BlueBuds X Premium Bluetooth Buds, or BBX1MB for short. Packaged with a micro-sized battery designed to run for up to a week at a time, the JayBird BBX1MB is on the longer end in terms of battery life. However, that doesn’t mean the listener has to sacrifice comfort. With patented sports ear cushions designed to hug close the top and back of the lower areas of the ear, the BBX1MB prides themselves on their wearability, providing numerous enhancements in comfort and fit.

Also, with their “Puresound” premium Bluetooth audio, the BBX1MB claims to offer one of the very best audio experiences available. Reviewers seem to agree, with many praising these as one of the best headphones to run or jog with (lifting is great, too). Though flimsiness due to their compact size and connectivity issues seem to be semi-common complaints, the focus on comfort and fit easily earns the JayBird BBX1MB a spot here today, albeit becoming more rare as time passes.

iDeaUSA AtomicX V201

Another one of the best Bluetooth headphones under $100 with an over-ear design

Back in the world of over-ear headphones, the iDeaUSA Wireless headphones offer one of the longer battery life spans available on our list of the best under $100 Bluetooth headphones, topping out at around 25-hours of playback thanks to the 500mAh rechargeable battery within. The proprietary soft cushions on the compact, over-ear design works with their Advanced Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology to allow the listener to isolate themselves from the outside world with the flick of a switch, reducing outside noise by up to 85% and allowing the listener to immerse themselves in music without sacrificing comfort.

Plus, the fully integrated, built-in microphone and three-button control switch allows for nearly hands-free usage, while the fold-flat, rotatable (up to 115 degrees) ear cups allow for easy storage and portability. Additionally, reviewers praise the V201 for their reliable and quick Bluetooth connectivity from up to 33 feet away without sacrificing sound quality, making the iDeaUSA AtomicX V201 a no-name brand worth mentioning among some of the giants in tech.

Panasonic RP-HF400B-K

Panasonic's highly rated on-ear Bluetooth headphones

At a much lower price point than the majority of our guide here, the Panasonic RP-HF400B-K were designed with a focus on top-notch, high-quality sound at home or on the go. With up to 20 hours of wireless playback when fully charged (fully charges in 2.5 hrs) and over two hours of playback with a simple 15-minute quick charge, these are towards the middle of the pack in terms of battery life. However, the over-sized 30mm neodymium drivers and custom acoustic bass control filter make this pair one of the better sounding headphones in our targeted price-point, especially if you’re a low-end lover like us.

Additionally, at a paltry, feather-light 4.5 ounces, the Panasonic RP-HF400B-K is one of the lighter pairs worth checking out, allowing for incredibly easy “pick-up-and-go” travel. Plus, with padded ear cups that swivel and fold flat, the RP-HF400B-K fits into most purses and book bags easily. The sheer convenience of the Panasonic RP-HF400B-K grabs itself a spot on our list of the best headphones with Bluetooth under 100 dollars or less.

JBL Duet

More over-ear Bluetooth headphones under $100

Though at a higher price point than others on this list, the JBL Duet still remains one of the best under $100 Bluetooth headphones around. Though it’s 16-hour battery life falls somewhere towards the middle of the competition, the JBL Duet makes up for it with its sleek, ultra stylish design. With an aluminum finish, leather ear pads, various customizable colors, and an ergonomic design, the Duet doesn’t fall short in terms of style. The 16-hour battery life is coupled with an extremely fast recharge time of only two-hours, affording the listener with more time playing music or making calls and less time spent charging.

With an ability to easily switch between devices seamlessly through sound controls placed on the ear cups, from music listening to phone usage, the Duet allows the listener to never miss a call (unless you’d purposely like to, of course — we won’t judge). Plus, when used in wired mode with the included cable, the Duet offers a one-button universal remote with microphone for easy control and hands-free usage. These features combine to make the JBL Duet a big standout in our opinion.

Sennheiser CX 6.00

More of the best Bluetooth headphones under one hundred dollars for in-ear lovers

With a price point just within our reach, the Sennheiser CX 6.00 comes through as a heavyweight. As one of the in-ear headphones on this list, the CX 6.00 prides itself on its weight, or lack thereof. At only 14-grams, the Sennheiser CX 6.00 is one of the lightest headphones on this list, offering superb comfort and accessibility while seamlessly linking with your smart phone device. Though light, the  CX 6.00 doesn’t fall short in terms of sound. Sporting their proprietary speaker system, the CX 6.00 offers incredibly clear sound and booming bass.

Similarly, audio/video syncing problems are tackled with Qualcomm apt-X Low Latency compatibility, allowing the listener the ability to truly enjoy their programs the way they were intended. Plus, with Sennheiser’s multi-connection capability, up to two devices can be paired simultaneously, affording a convenience not available in all Bluetooth headphones. With personalized, four-sized ear adapters to ensure a perfect fit, the Sennheiser CX 6.00 is a great in-ear option as one of the best headphones with Bluetooth just under $100 bucks.

Samsung Level U Pro

The last pair of the best headphones under $100 with Bluetooth we'll recommend

As a powerhouse in the audio technology field, it’s no surprise that a product from Samsung would round out our list of the best headphones under $100 with Bluetooth, this time for their Level U Pro Wireless headphones. With their fancy-sounding, custom Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQA technology), the Level U Pro headphones offer true 24-bit digital audio, allowing a frequency range two times wider than standard wireless sound. Samsung has put their focus on noise-isolation, loading the Level U Pro with noise-isolating, ergonomic ear gel which is resistant to sweat and liquid.

Unlike some of the other headphones on this list, this allows the listener to lead an active lifestyle without constantly worrying about damaging their headphones. With full wireless capability and an intuitive companion app (the Samsung Level app), the Samsung Level U Pro offers more than enough to cap off our guide with strength.

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